SSL Issues when deploying app

Hi, thank you for Streamlit, it is indeed awesome.
I have deployed my streamlit app here at Heroku.
My heroku account offers free SSL for https.
When I enable SSL for the site, it seems to take a long time at the “connecting to streamlit server” before loading. I experienced this both in Chrome and Safari.
Strangely Firefox doesn’t exhibit this behaviour.

Does anyone know how to resolve this issue?
Thank you!

Hi @lppier, thanks for posting!!! I am assuming Heroku is handling the SSL connection by terminating and connecting to Streamlit, so I am not sure it is a Streamlit issue. Also, it is interesting that Firefox does not experience this problem. I don’t have an Heroku deployment to try this out at the moment, but we are deploying Streamlit behind https internally and we haven’t experienced this issue.

Let me know if you are some more insight.