SSO Integration

Hi All,

I am looking to integrate SSO to my streamlit app but not sure where to start.

I am aware that streamlit have integrations with most SSO providers, but my organization use a custom SSO - how possible is it to integrate?

The SSO is built, I just need to integrate it to streamlit (fetch JWT token, define expiry time, etc).

Appreciate any help/guidance!


You can use the Auth0 solution I built (1). You’d then manage the SSO connections (and a multitude of other possibilities) directly from Auth0 without changing anything else.

Happy to help you get up and running with it.

(P.S. I also have a much simpler login solution, which is not SSO. See 2.)


  1. Streamlit Next.js Component, Auth0 Authentication, Bi-Directional Messaging & Serverless APIs
  2. Simple Authentication for Streamlit Apps

Thank you for the reply @asehmi , I’ll have a look into your solution now.