St.button CSV deploying

Hello to the whole Streamlit community,
I have a question regarding the CSV button. The button works when it’s locally, but when we deployed it with streamlit share, it doesn’t work, we tried everything we found on the blog and Stackoverflow and nothing worked. Can you help me please ? thank you very much

this might work:
1-upload your csv file google drive. and make sure uploaded file can be reachable to everyone.

2- get the link of the uploaded file.
Sales_80.csv - Google Drive
3- and make download link. ----

4-and you can use the download link as it is below

linko5= f'<a target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" href=" 
id=18mHbRayNG22gZq6ABxok1To2cNZihyet&export=download">Download Sales80_.csv.</a>'

st.markdown(linko5, unsafe_allow_html=True)
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thank you :slight_smile: