@st.cache errors

I am currently working on an app and I was using the old st.experimental_memo and st.experimental_singleton but I saw that Streamlit will be migrating to @st.cache. I have made the transition from st.experimental to st.cache but I still seem to get an error message relating to st.cache_data and st.cache_resource. Can someone please help me with this? I have looked through Streamlit’s documentation but I don’t see anything about st.cache_data or st.cache_resource.

error message below :
st.cache is deprecated. Please use one of Streamlit’s new caching commands, st.cache_data or st.cache_resource .

Hi @Jason_Harper ,
Here is a link for our caching. Lmk if you need more help than this.

Hey @willhuang,
Thank you so much for sending this link. This will certainly be helpful, I really appreciate it.