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The st.chat_input of streamlit is very good. However, in multilingual input, such as Chinese, if you input English, it is customary to use โ€œenterโ€, but it will be submitted directly instead of confirming the input content. Can it be solved, or does streamlit need it? Pay attention to this problem in the new version

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Hi @Hangjun_Ji

st.chat_input provides a on_submit callback parameter that allows you to perform additional processing of the input prompt by embedding those statements in a custom callback function.

More details on the Docs page:

Hope this helps!

let me readit asap

When you enter for the first time, in a multi-language environment, you choose to enter the content, and you should not submit it. The second time you enter is to submit.But I donโ€™t know how to write this callback function

thank you very much. I will read it

it is diffculty to make it ,I donโ€™t know how to code the callback

In general, when inputting Chinese words, you may need to select the candidate words and press the Enter key to confirm each word. Since chat_input will trigger submit when it detects enter, it will send out the current text before the user finishes the input. Perhaps an option can be provided to disable the trigger of submit when detecting the enter key, and instead trigger submit with the send key.

Do st.text_input and st.text_area work as expected or they have the same problem than st.chat_input?

st.text_input and st.text_area seems work in right way, so I think should be improved

thanks for advice

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