St.dataframe column_config not working

Hello there,

I’m using streamlit 1.20.0
Referring to this page: st.dataframe - Streamlit Docs, I’m trying to do something like this:

df = pd.DataFrame({'ts': [ 1234, 5678, 9012 ], 'col1': [ 'a', 'b', 'c' ], 'col2': [ 'd', 'e', 'f' ]})
st.dataframe(df, column_config={'ts': None})

But I’m getting this error:
TypeError: dataframe() got an unexpected keyword argument 'column_config'

What I’m doing wrong?

i think streamlit 1.20 the current version ur using doesnt contain column_config(),try updating streamlit to the latest version and try again , that should solve ur problem

command: pip install streamlit --upgrade

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Solved! Thank you

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