How do I make a API connection using st.experimental_conenction.
Is it even possible or not?

If yes then please guide me.

Hi @firangi07, and welcome to our forums!

You wouldn’t usually need st.experimental_connection to make an API call; simple API calls can be made via requests as follows:

import streamlit as st
import requests

st.title('Simple API Call')

# Define API endpoint
url = ""

if st.button('Make API Call'):

    # Make GET request
    response = requests.get(url)

    # If the GET request is successful, the status_code will be 200
    if response.status_code == 200:

        # Get the JSON data of the response
        data = response.json()

        # Show the JSON data in Streamlit
        st.write("There was an error with the API call")

… but I may be overlooking your use case!

Can you share more details for better feedback? Thanks!


I’m creating for Streamlit connections hackathon, that is why I need a guide on how to connect to an API using st.experimental_connection.

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