St.file_uploader -> AxiosError: Request failed with status code 502

Running an app on a hosted platform. Using file_uploader to upload files. Small files work fine. Large files receive 502 error. Tried updating nginx file to the following in server{location{update here}}, but still get 502 error:
proxy_send_timeout 1000;
proxy_read_timeout 1000;
client_body_timeout 1000;
client_max_body_size 0;

No problems exist when running locally.

Can’t share repo or website link.

Hi @Jared_Bailey

Have you tried setting the maxUploadSize parameter in the .config/config.toml file to a higher limit (default is 200):

maxUploadSize = 500

More info in the Docs:

Good question, I’ve cranked this value way up previously to overcome a different error code. With the high value I then started getting the 502 error for just the larger files.

I have the exact same issue. Have you found some solution?