St_folium is getting refreshed

I am developing an app that takes input from user: source and destination. The user clicks a button and a route between the two points is shown. But the app map page is getting refreshed again and again, as soon as I click on the button after showing the map for few seconds. Can someone please help me out on where the error is?

import streamlit as st
import routing
from streamlit_folium import st_folium
import folium

if "router" not in st.session_state:
    st.session_state.router = routing.RoutingClass()

def get_map(source, destination):
    route = st.session_state.router.get_path(source, destination)
    route_map = st.session_state.router.get_map(route)
    return route_map

source = st.text_input("Enter Source")
destination = st.text_input("Enter Destination")

onClick = st.button("Find Path")

if onClick:
    st.write("Source: ", st.session_state.router.get_coordinates(source))
    st.write("Destination: ", st.session_state.router.get_coordinates(destination))
    # get route and create folium map
    map_data = st_folium(get_map(source, destination), width=300)
    st.write("Please enter source and destination")

Put the st_folium() in a st.form() like this :

with st.form(key='myform'):

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