St.forms is not allowing every time I open the app, the graphs and tables are displayed with a connection to google sheets

Hello everyone.
I have an app where I have 4 tabs. In the second tab I have a st.forms where the user can enter data, and these are updated in a connection, I made with google sheets. The app so far works fine.
The problem I have, and I have tried to fix with some commands I have found is that in tab3 and tab4 what I have are tables and graphs that use the same dataset that I bring from the connection with google sheets. So, these are the two errors:

  1. when I first open the app, the tables and charts are not being displayed, it is not until I enter a value in tab2 with the forms that they are displayed.

  2. In the tables and graphs I have filters that if I change the filters then the graphs and tables stop appearing and I have to re-enter a data to be able to visualize them.

My app has been deployed from Main branch, but I keep these changes in my dev branch, here’s the link to it:

GitHub: antonioespinoza98/reporte at dev (

The file is:

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