St.navigation behavior

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import streamlit as st
pages = {
    "Core Features" : [
        st.Page("",title="Page 1 Test",icon=":material/settings:"),
        st.Page("",title="Page 2 Test",icon=":material/home:")],
    "Admin Features" : [
        st.Page("pages/",title="Page 3 Test",icon=":material/public:"),
        st.Page("pages/",title="Page 4 Test",icon=":material/menu:")]

app = st.navigation(pages)

'This content is on nav_main'

all of the files are the same:

from streamlit import write as w
w("this is Page 2")

I’m just testing st.navigation and I’m seeing unexpected behavior:

  1. If I navigate to page, 2,3 or 4 and click the browser refresh it hangs. I tried on Brave and Edge with same results. I can break the hang by changing the URL to http://localhost:8501
  2. ’ This content is on nav_main’ shows up on every page, is this by design?
  3. I have a different icon for each page, and when I click on a page from navigation, the icon on my browser tab changes to the icon on the corresponding Is there a way to over-ride this behavior so that the browser icon remains constant?

Did you figure out the solution for first unexpected behavior am also getting the same error.

I tried the example from st.navigation docs and I’m getting the same issue.

Also, no luck using the /pages method. I created 2 files with a simple st.write in them and a main .py with a st.write too. URL/page2 just shows an endless load.

I’m using a plain env of python 3.12.3, with streamlit 1.36.
With 1.35, this doesn’t happen (at least the /pages approach).


This is known issues and it may be fixed in the nightly build.

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