is not valid?

The docs say that buttons can be arranged horizontally using the kwarg


but this is not being recognised as a valid arg. I am on v.1.11.0. Any ideas?

Hi @altanner :wave:

It’s highly likely that you have multiple versions of Streamlit installed in different local environments. And the environment in which your app is running is likely using an older version.

As a sanity check that your app indeed uses v1.11.0, include the following right before you call with horizontal=True and share a screenshot of the output:


For example:

import streamlit as st

genre =
     "What's your favorite movie genre",
     ('Comedy', 'Drama', 'Documentary'),

if genre == 'Comedy':
     st.write('You selected comedy.')
    st.write("You didn't select comedy.")


Best, :balloon:

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ah yes, thank you so much. not sure what happened there but my venvs must have got all tangled up somehow!

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