St.sidebar features not displaying

selectbox on sidebar in streamlit only display the label caption. it doesnt display the drop down menu with the values but if I modify the code and remove ‘sidebar’, it works fine on the main page.


st.sidebar.selectbox('select stock',['APPL', 'GOOG'])

will only display ‘select stock’ on the sidebar without the drop-down menu but

st.selectbox(‘select stock’,[‘APPL’, ‘GOOG’])

will work fine on the main page. same for features such as multiselect and date_input

why is this?

Works for me using Streamlit v1.12.2.

I’m using v1.12.2 too. it doesn’t work for me. what could be wrong?

I’ve not heard of this issue before, and without more context it’s hard to imagine what’s going wrong. Can you share a larger code snippet which shows this issue?

thanks for reaching out. everything looks fine now. uninstalling and reinstalling streamlit seems to fix the problem.

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