St.table() Is there a workaround to provide height and scrolling option for st.table()


I am left with only option with st.table to display the dataframe, as the columns have lengthy text in it. Other options truncate the text. Is there a way where we can enable scrolling and define the height for the st.table function or any other workarounds to show similar long text. Even tying plotly truncates my text in the column. THanks.

Did you try the height and width attributes in st.dataframe() ?

@GokulNC Even st.dataframe doesn’t work here. Bcoz the longer text is not displayed fully in the columns of the dataframe and column width doesn’t align based on the content. Its fixed. Only st.table is showing full text of the column but it has its own drawback. It occupies the entire page landscape based on the data.

Bump on this. I’ve explored previous posts and there doesn’t seem to be an effective way to display all the contents of an st.datatable cell eg) long written content in a df. Is there a way to add a vertical scrollbar to st.table(), which doesn’t truncate the content of the cell?
I could potentially just limit the # of rows displayed by the df, but this seems hacky to me.