Steamlit - Upload and use User Shapefile and Tif File

Hi all, how would I get a user to upload and then use a shapefile?

I want to upload and then use a .shp and .tif file to create an elevation using the pyosp package, but when trying to use it for pyosp I get the following error:

RuntimeError: not a string

I have tried converting to a shapefile as a string, but with additional errors. Any help would be much appreciated.

Hello @Geobro1!

If you have a package like pyosp that requires an actual file path, one option is to use NamedTemporyFile, like this (this example uses PIL, but it should work with any library that is reading from a file)

from tempfile import NamedTemporaryFile

import streamlit as st
from PIL import Image

uploaded = st.file_uploader("Upload a file", type=["tif"])

if uploaded:
    with NamedTemporaryFile("wb", suffix=".tif") as f:
        # is the path of the temporary file
        im =
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Thank you for your reply @blackary . Messed up and was calling it the wrong thing but that has worked perfectly thank you

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