Stop rerun while I edit data in data_editor


I am using data_editor along with a dataframe to enter data for a few columns. I full screen or expand while editing. As soon as I just pause for like 2 sec, the entire page reloads and the focus from the data_editor is gone. I have to keep scroll and expand over and over and its annoying.

Is it possible to stop this behavior, just pause reloading while I am editing the dataframe.

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Can you share a code snippet of what you’re working with?

@anurag3301 Have you found any solution?

Can someone please suggest how to avoid table reload and keep showing edited row without scrolling again and again after each change.

This works for me:

import streamlit as st


Thanks, for now I have managed to avoid saving data and do it once using submit button, this way when user is done, he/she would be ready to have a fresh look for another set of reviews and untill submit button is not pressed, data will not be stored in session dataframe/ databaelse