Storage location of uploaded files

Hey everyone,

I wrote a streamlitt app where my colleagues can visualize and analyze their measurement data. For this I have the app designe so that a bundel of data, packed as a zip-archive, can be uploaded using the file uploader and from this point on the app handles the processing, visualizing, etc.

For each zip-archive being uploaded I am using


to create a new tempdir for the corresponding dataset.
Now I have deployed the app on a server inside our intranet via docker and am wondering where the uploaded files/ the tempdirs are created on my server. I would like to clean them up every 24h to not bloat my server too much. So if anyone could tell my how to find the path of these tempdirs, that would be very nice.

Thanks in advance

From the docs:

mkdtemp() returns the absolute pathname of the new directory.

In python < 3.12 it can return a relative path in certain cases.