Streamli url opens on vm but does not open in user browser

Could someone help. Streamlit app opens url well on a vm but when other users on other users try to open the url, it opens on the vm browser and not the users browser

Hi @ezekiel_Mulondo, welcome to the Streamlit community!

Can you clarify the behavior here? Streamlit is running on some virtual machine (at a cloud provider?), and when you open its url you can see the Streamlit app or not?


Let me clarify. I am access the app via IP because I am running it via anaconda prompt on an on premise server. It opens normally but when I click a link with in the app on another machine on the network, instead of opening within a browser on that machine, it instead opens up on the server side and not on the end user side. When i access the server machine, I see multiple links opened up every time a user on another machine taps the link.