Streamlit 1.15.0 hello/run error

Issue Description

Previously when using streamlit without any problems, today after updating streamlit 1.15.0, the following error appeared, looking for similar problems in the forum and tried to solve them in vain, had no choice but to fall back to version 1.13.0, streamlit can be used normally again

Command used

streamlit hello
streamlit run

Error message:

C:\Users\Administrator>streamlit hello
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python310\lib\", line 196, in _run_module_as_main
    return _run_code(code, main_globals, None,
  File "C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python310\lib\", line 86, in _run_code
    exec(code, run_globals)
  File "C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python310\Scripts\streamlit.exe\", line 4, in <module>
  File "C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python310\lib\site-packages\streamlit\", line 55, in <module>
    from streamlit.delta_generator import DeltaGenerator as _DeltaGenerator
  File "C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python310\lib\site-packages\streamlit\", line 45, in <module>
    from streamlit.elements.arrow_altair import ArrowAltairMixin
  File "C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python310\lib\site-packages\streamlit\elements\", line 42, in <module>
    from streamlit.elements.utils import last_index_for_melted_dataframes
  File "C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python310\lib\site-packages\streamlit\elements\", line 82, in <module>
    ) -> LabelVisibilityMessage.LabelVisibilityOptions.ValueType:
  File "C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python310\lib\site-packages\google\protobuf\internal\", line 114, in __getattr__
    raise AttributeError('Enum {} has no value defined for name {!r}'.format(
AttributeError: Enum LabelVisibilityOptions has no value defined for name 'ValueType'

Debug info

  • Streamlit version: 1.15.0
  • Python version: 3.10.8
  • OS version:Windows 11 21H2(22000.1219)

I have same error in Ubuntu 22.04, Python 3.10.6 with Streamlit 1.15.0

Hi, I was recently doing some debugging on this. It looks like if you upgrade your protobuf package >= 3.20.0, this should resolve your issue.

Also, if you wish to upgrade your protobuf package, you should be able to do
pip install protobuf==3.20.0. I personally would use pip install protobuf==3.20.1.

Thanks willhuang,the issue has been solved :grin:

The issue is solved with willhuang’s Solutions offered.
You can find in the comments