Streamlit 30 day challenge issue with pandas_profiling


I am doing the streamlit 30 days challenge course.
When importing pandas_profiling I get an error that is not solved by updating pandas and pandas_profiling.

Steps to reproduce

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import pandas as pd

import numpy as np
import streamlit as st
import altair as alt
from datetime import time, datetime
from vega_datasets import data as vega_data
import pandas_profiling

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ImportError: cannot import name ‘to_html’ from ‘’ (C:\Users\Hans\anaconda3\envs\streamlit-env\lib\site-packages\pandas_profiling\

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I am using latest streamlit version, python 3.10 and using conda

I did conda install -c conda-forge pandas-profiling
for updates I did conda update pandas


So I think I solved the issue for myself. Apparently, I read on Pypi that the package pandas-profiling is changed to the name and update: “data-profiling”…After installing this package and then importing ydata_profiling in the script instead of pandas-profiling all works fine, and no more errors.

The Streamlit devs might want to update this for their 30-day course challenge on day 14:streamlit components ==> pandas-profiling is now ydata-profiling


Hi @hans

Thanks for pointing this out. Day 14 has been updated to ydata_profiling from pandas_profiling.

For a full working example please see the following repo:

The demo app is here:

Best regards,

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Check this app, i have developed using ydata_profiling

Demo App:

Git Hub repo : GitHub - Jagadeesha89/y_data_profiling

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My pleasure!

I’m getting this error on Day 14:

Python 3.10.13 (maybe 14 now?), venv, Thonny, SolusOS

Hi @mike_finko

Would installing pydantic-settings resolve the error

pip install pydantic-settings

No, same error message. At first, I thought it might be my fault because I did not

pip install streamlit_pandas_profiling

via the terminal but though my IDE, Thonny, using their package manager.
So I ‘stopped/deactivated/cd’d back to main’ and installed via the terminal, no change, same error message.
Next I tried

pip install pydantic-settings

both through the package manager and terminal, no change.
Next I exited everything, turned off my laptop, turned back on, used BleachBit to clean, tried again, no change, same message.
One last thing I tried - there was a message in the terminal to upgrade pypi (?) so upgraded and tested again, no change, same message.

Streamlit version 1.26.0
Firefox 119.0
Python 3.10.13
Solus OS 4.4 / Budgie 10.8.2

Hi @mike_finko

Can you try using the following repo and see if it works:

As also mentioned in an earlier post, the demo app of this is at

Please note that it is now ydata_profiling

Hope this helps!