Streamlit ag-grid reorder / dragabble rows


Is there a way to have AG Grid reorder rows by drag and drop.
I have the below setting which shows the drag glphy but it does not drag/drop (stays put) even with the rowDragManaged setting enabled as below.

Is there an option or workaround to achieve this?
Thanks in advance!

gb.configure_default_column(groupable=False, value=False, enableRowGroup=False, editable=False,rowDrag=True,rowDragManaged=True)

So here you’re setting the column definitions. I believe you also need to add a selection of additional items to the grid options dictionary that’s produced (outside of the columnDefs dictionary item), so it should look a bit like this:

“rowDragManaged”: True,
“rowDragEntireRow”: True,
“rowDragMultiRow”: True}

Where would this dictionary get passed to the grid options then?