Streamlit-aggrid -> browser refreshing issue

Im running my app locally and have installed streamlit-aggrid, I attempted to use a sample code, but I’m encountering an odd behavior. when i refreshes the browser the table display is getting lost sometimes

import pandas as pd
import streamlit as st
from st_aggrid import AgGrid

df = pd.read_csv(


each time I refresh the browser, my terminal prints True even though I haven’t included any print statement in my code.

You need to put the dataframe in a cache or memory for performance.

@st.cache_data(ttl='1d')  # clear the cache after 1 day
def data():
    df = pd.read_csv(
    return df

Then use that in aggrid.

df = data()


Happy to see this great library has been updated.

This was part of the debugging that was left and should not cause an issue.

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Hi @ferdy thank you for the response now its working fine and also I have upgraded streamlit for resolving the issue, now i have another concern:

so, I have this filter dropdown in order to close it either I need to click on the filter icon or anywhere inside that grid but when I clicked outside of the grid, it will not close is there any solution for it.

It could be just a design decision not to exit when user is wandering outside of the grid. It is also a reasonable decision because the user can come back to it later to finish what needs to be done in the grid. Also if there is a mouse-slip outside of the grid, no worries the user can comeback to it too.

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