Streamlit AgGrid: Does State Get Explicitly Updated?

I’m using Streamlit to pull in data from Snowflake and display in an editable dataframe using Streamlit AgGrid from @PablocFonseca.

After the dataframe is rendered, when I try to filter the columns it throws an AttributeError:

The ‘year_options’ it references is a piece of state that gets saved during a form submission before the query to Snowflake.

I don’t want to write too much about the stuff that comes before the AgGrid call, since everything appears to be working reliably and fine.

My main question is, does anyone know how Streamlit AgGrid modifies state exactly? And is this a known bug/ anything you can recommend trying?

Just adding…
I was considering trying the GridBuilder, GridOptions approach which appeared to allow more customization; but 1. The thing I’m trying to do currently should work with the standard AgGrid table (it’s just filtering) and 2. All the examples I saw using GridBuilder referenced a .csv file for the data and I am pulling directly from Snowflake. So I didn’t feel like trying to figure out how to convert just to try this way.

Thank you anyone who has the time to look into this.


Could you post the relevant error message in text format not the image.

Also have a look on posting guide.