Streamlit AgGrid Header Formatting

Hi community,

Is it possible to format the headers of a streamlit aggrid table? Reading the documents we can configure the columns. Specifically trying to wrap text for long column headers.

Hi @pontificating_panda,

@oostopitre shared that they were able to wrap the header text via the following (thread):

                '<div class="ag-cell-label-container" role="presentation">' +
                '  <span ref="eMenu" class="ag-header-icon ag-header-cell-menu-button"></span>' +
                '  <div ref="eLabel" class="ag-header-cell-label" role="presentation">' +
                '    <span ref="eSortOrder" class="ag-header-icon ag-sort-order"></span>' +
                '    <span ref="eSortAsc" class="ag-header-icon ag-sort-ascending-icon"></span>' +
                '    <span ref="eSortDesc" class="ag-header-icon ag-sort-descending-icon"></span>' +
                '    <span ref="eSortNone" class="ag-header-icon ag-sort-none-icon"></span>' +
                '    <span ref="eText" class="ag-header-cell-text" role="columnheader" style="white-space: normal;text-align: right;"></span>' +
                '    <span ref="eFilter" class="ag-header-icon ag-filter-icon"></span>' +
                '  </div>' +

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