Streamlit AgGrid only showing ~100 rows instead of the 160+ in the dataframe

Im trying to display a 160 row dataframe using Aggrid. But its only showing 100 when counted manually. On the other hand when using an st.warning to show the count of selected rows when selecting the whole table, I get the correct count.

Is there some sort of hidden row limit I’m not aware of?

This is how im creating the table:

def TablaEquipos():
        gd = GridOptionsBuilder.from_dataframe(st.session_state['DataframeEquipos'])
        gd.configure_pagination(enabled = True,paginationAutoPageSize =False, paginationPageSize=0)
        gd.configure_selection(selection_mode='multiple', use_checkbox=True)
        gd.configure_column("asset_name", headerCheckboxSelection = True, headerCheckboxSelectionFilteredOnly=True)
        gridoptions =

        row_count = st.session_state['DataframeEquipos'].shape[0]
        max_height = 3000  
        height = min(row_count * 60 + 75, max_height)

        grid_table = AgGrid(st.session_state['DataframeEquipos'], gridOptions=gridoptions, maxRow=None,height = height, 
                            update_mode=GridUpdateMode.SELECTION_CHANGED, enable_enterprise_modules = False, theme='streamlit')
        return grid_table

Any help would be much appreciated :slight_smile: thanks!