Streamlit aggrid table does not show up automatically on page load

I am using streamlit 1.19.0 and streamlit-aggrid 0.3.4. I copied the exact code on this page , but I noticed that when height is defined, the table does not automatically show up on page load. It shows up after I do some page resizing etc.

Happens to both Chrome and Safari. Does anyone has any idea?

Have a look on redraw description on that page.

Thank you. I tried setting a key (or without key) but the issue persists.
Update: I downgraded aggrid to Version 0.3.3 and solved the problem.

Set this to True.


Thank you @ferdy. The problem still persists though even if fit_columns_on_grid_load is set True. So far only downgrading it to 0.3.3 seems to solve the problem.

In my case, if I set fit_columns_on_grid_load to true it will work.

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