Streamlit and LLM Fitness App

Hi everyone, by the end of 2023 I got into fitness and wanted a simple app to keep track of my macros. So, I used streamlit, python and later on added some LLM based features like Macro-calculator and Diet Planner. I didn’t knew (before this post) that we can showcase our projects in community, but luckily I found this thread.

Here’s like to the application:

A Short Demonstration to save everyone’s time:

Please Suggest any improvements or features I can add to this project!!


Nice UI and generated content. I liked the card layout and the diet planner.
What did you use for the top menu bar?

Hi @shawngiese,
Glad you liked the project, For the data cards I have used hydralit components and the Nav-Bar is made using streamlit option menu.

heyy @bhavya_d , can I get a Github link to the repo, I actually have encountered similar kind of mini project in my Uni and thought of understanding the code approach !

And adding to this, I plan to use vector databases for personalized recommendations to user