Streamlit and standard python script

Hi there,
I was starting looking for how to use streamlit that seems amazing, but I was asking myself if and how it is possible to write a simple python script that depending from a boolean argument passed to it, I can run the script either by using streamlit or not by simple running it without any web GUI.

A practical example could be that I have a set of configuration options of the tool I want to change, and if I like to experiment I would like to have the web page allowing me to change them and showing the results of the computation, but if I decided parameters I would like to run the tool just with that values and producing the results.

Any advise is really welcome

If i understand your example correctly, you can just use, for example:

option_1 = st.number_input('This is the first option', min_value=0, max_value=10, value=default_value)

Where value is, according to the documentation:

value ( int or float or None ) – The value of this widget when it first renders. Defaults to min_value, or 0 if min_value is None

So if no value is selected for option_1, it will first run with the value of value.
If number_input is not what you need, check the documentation. Most input commands have a default argument which should be what you need.