Streamlit app crashes randomly after few hours and under multiple sessions

Hello. I made my very first app GitHub, App. I encountered several issues, but I can’t locate the problem. There are 2 problems:
1)After 5-10 hours app crashes even if not accessed. I can’t replicate the problem so far.
2)Another problem is app crash without any error message when 2 or more users open sessions simultaneously.
It’s always error “Streamlit server consistently failed status checks”.

I saw a similar issue here and the problem was memory leak. I tried to find one in my code, but not succeed. Right now, I removed any cashing, but I want to do it for loading model. If you can, please help me at lest find a direction to solve the problem.

Hi @Miketivation

It is possible that the app may have exceeded resource limits, more info here:

Another possibility is that the app may have memory leaks, the following blog shows you how to resolve this:

Hope this helps!