Streamlit app link changed?

My earlier streamlit app link was:
It seemed to be working fine, but today it shows a 404 error.

When I go to ‘my apps’ and open the app from there, it redirects me to a new, different link:

This link seems to work fine.
So has Streamlit changed the app link? Am I the only one facing this?
Requesting some help/clarification on this.

Thanking you in advance.

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Me and others are reporting the same issue, also the new link doesn’t work when framing the app in HTML using iframes :confused:


Same issue here, the old link show 404 error, and with the new link when i try to upload my excel data i get a 403 :frowning:



Linking back to Streamlit apps iframing don’t work since the migration on subdomains-based URL structure - Deploying Streamlit - Streamlit so we don’t lose track of it

Streamlit Cloud has very recently changed the way it redirects URLs, dev team was made aware of the problems regarding the iframing, we will keep you posted. cc @Charly_Wargnier


Okay, that helps a lot!
Thank you for the clarification.

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