Streamlit app not displaying Snowflake Data

Trying to deploy a simple app using streamlit to display data, the st.table(data) is no longer displaying the data. No changes to the code in my repo.

Hey @HatmanStack,

Thanks for posting! Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible for us to help without seeing any code – please check out our posting guidelines here and edit your post to provide more info on the issue you’re seeing.

Completly agree Caroline, I was just wondering if something changed on Streamlit’s end. It began to work again with no changes from me. Really simple code with only streamlit & pandas as imports. Repo

import streamlit
import pandas
import requests
import snowflake.connector

def get_cur():
my_cnx = snowflake.connector.connect(**streamlit.secrets[“snowflake”])
data = get_party_invites(my_cnx)
df = pandas.DataFrame(data)
df.iloc[:,0]= df.iloc[:,0].str[:11]

def get_party_invites(my_cnx):
with my_cnx.cursor() as my_cur:
my_cur.execute(“select * from SHEETS”)
return my_cur.fetchall()


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