Streamlit App not working with Task Scheduler


I am trying to run the stream lit app using windows task scheduler using user without login option by invoking a batch file but it’s not working. CMD is not opening, is there any way we can keep the instance running even after logging off the server

Hi @nikhilsharma34 -

Can you clarify what you’re trying to do here? You want to schedule an app to run on a specified time frame, or you want the app to be running any time someone signs into the server?


Thanks @randyzwitch for your response.

I want the app to keep running, even when user is not logged in or any user login. I created a task which runs a batch file and batch file invokes streamlit app. There I choose ‘run whether user is logged on or not’.
But it’s not working. This is what I have in my batch file.

@echo off
CMD.exe /c "cd /d path_to_activate_vEnv & activate & streamlit run --server.port 64322

I had this same problem with windows batch files at my last company. We ended up going with a windows service instead. Perhaps doing the same will help you case.

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