Streamlit App Starter Kit: How to build apps faster

Save 10 minutes every time you build an app

Posted in Tutorial, September 27 2022

To build a Streamlit app you’d typically follow these steps:

  • Install prerequisite libraries by specifying library names in requirements.txt
  • Customize the theme via .streamlit/config.toml (optional)
  • Create an app file
  • Inside the app file, call import streamlit as st
  • Specify the app tasks (e.g. read a CSV, perform data wrangling, display a scatter plot, train an ML model, etc.)

Every step takes only minutes, but over time it can amount to hours—or even days! 😅

In this article, you’ll learn how to save 10 minutes every time you build an app:

  • What is the Streamlit App Starter Kit?
  • How to use the Streamlit App Starter Kit

Let’s dive right in!

What is the Streamlit App Starter Kit?

The Streamlit App Starter Kit has the following files:

├─ .streamlit/
│  ├─ config.toml
├─ packages.txt (optional)
├─ requirements.txt

This is what it looks like in a GitHub repository:

It contains:

.streamlit/config.toml—a configuration file with parameters for customizing your app’s theme:

font="sans serif"—a README file with a project description:

# Name of Streamlit App
Description of the app ...
## Demo App
[![Streamlit App](<>)](<>)
## Section Heading
This is filler text. Please replace this with the text for this section.
## Further Reading
This is filler text. Please replace this with explanatory text about further relevant resources for this repo.
- Resource 1
- Resource 2
- Resource 3

packages.txt—a list of Linux tools and packages to install (blank by default). Go ahead and populate it with the package names you want to install—one name per line.

requirements.txt—a list of Python libraries to install. By default, the Streamlit App Starter Kit lists only streamlit. It’ll install the latest version:


If you want a specific version—like 1.13.0—do the following:


Add some Python libraries:

scikit-learn==1.1.0—the Streamlit app:

import streamlit as st
st.title('🎈 App Name')
st.write('Hello world!')

How to use the Streamlit App Starter Kit

The Streamlit App Starter Kit is available as a GitHub template. Clone it to your repo and use it to make your own Streamlit app:

Want to customize the contents of the app files? Use widgets to accept user input and display the output results (read more about widgets in our docs).

Finally, deploy your app with the Streamlit Community Cloud or some other cloud service provider! 🎉

Wrapping up

Congratulations! You’ve used the Streamlit App Starter Kit to make your app-making process faster. 💨

If you like to work with command line interfaces, check out the streamlit-kickoff-cli developed by our very own Arnaud Miribel. And if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below or contact me on Twitter at @thedataprof or on LinkedIn.

Happy Streamlit-ing! 🎈

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