Streamlit as a PowerPoint replacement!

Hi all!
I recently did a talk at Pycon Chile about streamlit. The whole presentation was a streamlit app with slide pagination, lots of examples and code.
I worked pretty well during the talk and got very nice feedback, so I though on sharing in case someone might use it or suggest ways to improve it!

Thanks to @napoles3d for advice and help, and to @datachaz for twitter love.

Best, @sebastiandres!


My pleasure Sebastian, it was really fun to participate in this.
Great presentation!!

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That’s a cool idea using it as a slideshow.


That’s cool!

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Such a brilliant use of Streamlit, well done Sebastian! :clap:

Btw @Jessica_Smith’s featured your app in our latest weekly round-up! :balloon:

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Thank you!
Yes, I saw it being featured, I’m still surprised it has gotten such good feedback from people.

I really love creating apps with streamlit. Wish I had more time to play around. After my first app, i was like “I KNEW there could be an easy way to do this” (same feeling with numpy and pandas).

Interesting idea. It would be nice if the static pages could be cached in some way.

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