Streamlit as a web page

Hi, how can I use my local streamlit page http://localhost:8501/ and showing that as a homepage on internet?

You can deploy you app on streamlit community cloud! Cloud • Streamlit

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Hello @Parsova_Khayatan,

there are actually different ways to deploy your app and show it in the web.

The most common way is to use the Streamlit Cloud. This is very easy. You just need to:

  1. Create a github repository with your code and with a requirements.txt file (where you’ll add your app dependencies)

  2. Sign in

  3. Connect the github repo with your streamlit account

  4. Deploy your app linking to the github repo where you stored the code

  5. You’ve done! Wait some minutes and the app will be deployed. You can set the app public from settings. You can even change your app subdomain, that will be finally something like:

This link provides useful info and details for all steps and some alternatives to streamlit cloud.

Hope this helps