Streamlit be aware of a change made in leafmap widget (KeplerGL)


I’m just trying to look for a workaround to make a Streamlit aware of a map change in a Leafmap with Kepler.Gl. To sum up, in the map widget, I select a postal code with a click, and I want a st.text box to be aware of the change and then resubmit info so that the map is also changed, and selected postal code is the new one.
I figured out to intercept Kepler.Gl changes with some added Javascript when rendering the component, and then the map sends a postMessage to a custom component (hidden input). The hidden input (custom vanilla html + javascript) receives the change, holds the new value, but I’d like, if it is possible somehow, to re-evaluate the component, which seems not to be aware at Streamlit level of the change (but DOM is changed). Any idea?

Lots of regards, and thanks a lot to the developers for building such a great project!