Streamlit_chat component creator not merging pull requests

In this chat, the mod Caroline recommended another user make a github issue for st-chat so the component creator can take a look:

I believe this pull request solves the hyperlink issue and others relating to having text and other stuff show up correctly in the chat:

It has been up since March.

What can be done to have this merged? Is there a way to make a new component that is the exact same, but with this fix?

What if the owner never updates it, is that component then dead?

Sorry, I am new to open source, and this tool is really cool. I would love to know how we can speed up the process of bringing hyperlinks, videos, and other markdown to the chat component.

Yes, there is that hazard with free and open source that not all things made available will have consistent or continued development.


I am thrilled to tell you that the next release of Streamlit will have a chat element, so if you can wait a few days longer, you’ll have an officially supported option to use!

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Awesome! How can I use it when it comes out?! Can you send the details here?!

I’ll bookmark this post to remind myself to post the link to the docs when it’s released, but as soon as you see the new version in the Announcements section of the forum, you’ll be able to see it in the documentation then.

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Thank you! :pray:

I’m just circling back and making sure you got that documentation for last release for chat elements. Sorry, I meant to reply sooner for release 1.24.0.

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