There is a chess component which seems to be functioning or close to it. The issue is ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'stchess.component_board' but it looks like the board is defined there. Can someone check how to solve this issue. Thanks a lot.

Edit: I am the one who raised that issue in that repo.

Hi @ferdy, did you install the stchess package before running the app?

I installed it.

Can you share your app code?

The app code is the in that repo.

This one:

import streamlit as st
from stchess import DEFAULT_FEN
from stchess import board

# Sidebar options
st.sidebar.header("Chess on streamlit 🔥")
color = st.sidebar.selectbox("Color",["white","black"])
white_endpoint = st.sidebar.text_input("White API","")
black_endpoint = st.sidebar.text_input("Black API","")

white_endpoint = None if white_endpoint == "" else white_endpoint
black_endpoint = None if black_endpoint == "" else black_endpoint

values = board(color,white = white_endpoint,black = black_endpoint)