Streamlit COmponent - Hydralit Multipage Navbar Issue

Hi @Probability,
Hope you are doing well.
First of all, thank you for developing such an effective component and custom framework like Hydralit!!

Just TWO Queries, First, Is there any way to link other internal pages in Hydralit Multipage App. Like I want to add a Button with hyperlinking to other page within the Multipage app.

2nd, I’m not able to get the sticky menu active though I have made the arg as “True”. Here is the code for Multi-page app using Hydralit:

app = hy.HydraApp(title='Data Sorting App',hide_streamlit_markers=True,use_navbar=True, navbar_sticky=True)

Thanks in Advance


Thanks for the comments, appreciated.

The short version is that using internal nav links is alittle odd as explained on the repo page here.

As for the sticky navbar mode, this is also explained on the components page, as there are two modes this runs in, the true sticky mode jumps around due to the status widget that appears when the script reruns and there is the pinned mode, which just pins it to the top of the page, but isn’t sticky (doesn’t stay at the top when you scroll). The default is to run in the pinned mode, as that seems to be more what everyone was happy with.

The details are explained here, hope that helps.

@Probability ,
Thanks for your quick response. I understand the limitations that you have mentioned. But, still I’m not that PRO :upside_down_face: like you to implement the linking to internal page.

I need this because I’m having a landing page for the App and want the users to click the button/link in inside the landing page to go directly to the first page (technically the 2nd page/app of the Multi-app) and start using the app.

If it’s possible for you to share the code in a line or two, it’d be highly helpful to close my current project.


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