Streamlit continually running

Hello, I have an app that I’ve deployed on an internal windows 10 server which is being accessed by multiple users via google chrome. There is a connection to a Sqlite database.

I’ve noticed that on my local computer (windows 10, google chrome) this app runs perfectly, but the exact same code running on the windows 10 server seems to run for a little while and then get stuck on “running” forever. I was wondering if anybody has had similar performance issues?

Unfortunately I don’t have simplest reproducible example since the code seems to work fine on my local [dev] and it randomly seems to stop working at different times on the server [prod].

Thank you for your help!

Hi @kurt-rhee -

Does the app ever connect for the Windows Server? Did you look in the browser developer tools to see if there are any warning messages about not being able to connect to a port?


Hey Randy the server connects to the port as expected. I’ve reverted a change that cached the sqlite connection and that seems to have solved the problem.

Once it is possible to hash connections by user then I will reintroduce the hash into the program. Thanks for looking out!

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