Streamlit crashing when deployed from docker/on linux but works on Windows

I have built an API user interface using streamlit and the following packages: langchain-openai, openai, pandas, networkx, pyvis, etc. The app makes a number of calls to a local API endpoint handler either to send commands or retrieve data which is then displayed in the app.

My issue is that the app works fine when I run it on my own device (Windows) outside of any containers - it works fully as intended and displays correctly. However, when I try running it inside a Linux environment (Ubuntu Server) either directly or within a docker container things go wrong…

The app initially loads but after varying amounts of time (between 10 seconds and 1 minute) completely grinds to a halt and cannot be interacted with. Any browser I use then brings up an error saying the webpage has stopped working etc. (The browser impact is the same on any device)

Does anybody have any suggestions or ideas as to what is causing this and how it could be fixed? Particularly given it works on Windows but not on Linux. I am afraid I cannot share the code due to academic constraints but any advice would be greatly appreciated.