Streamlit Deployment Guide (wiki)

Given the ever expanding number of cloud platforms and technologies that can be used for deploying Streamlit, having a set of up-to-date instructions as part of the standard Streamlit documentation isn’t feasible. Thankfully, so many of you have been willing to share your projects, write tutorials, and answer other people’s issues with deploying Streamlit!

This wiki has been created as a “Best Of…” set of answers for deploying Streamlit. Community members should feel free to add references as they are created, and remove links that are no longer valid.

If you have a question, please use this wiki as a reference, but ask your questions as separate threads in our Deploying Streamlit category.

How can I contribute ?

Contributing to this wiki is easy and open to anyone (at least if you hung on the forum enough to get to Trust Level 1) . It’s a click away from the Edit button on the bottom left of the post !

  • Please list technologies/platforms in alphabetical order
  • Multiple links per technology is fine, but after 4-5 links, consider which are the best examples
  • There’s a fine line between helping the community and marketing. Please don’t add your own article just published a few hours prior. When in doubt, leave the reference as a comment on this post and someone else from the community can add it if they feel it represents as “best of” answer
  • Please minimize auto-expanding links, to keep the guide compact
  • If there is a platform you are interested in, add it! This guide will only be as good as those who participate :slight_smile:

Streamlit Deployment Guide

Note: As a community-led effort, no guarantee can be made by Streamlit to ensure these references are factually accurate, nor is inclusion in this list an endorsement by Streamlit. All questions and comments should be addressed to the author of the respective piece of content.


Aliyun / Alibaba

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Azure (Microsoft)


Google Cloud Platform (GCP)


Google Colab



Windows Server IIS

Standalone Executable

Windows , MacOS , Linux

Android or IOS





I would appreciate knowing whether streamlit run command is running the app on a single-threaded development server or not? My goal is to deploy it in production. So it must be multithreaded.
Thank you in advance for any hints!


Andrei, when you get your answer, please share with us the steps you use for deployment to production. Streamlit needs easy-to-follow tutorials for deployment (other than streamlit share.)

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@randyzwitch I have an ngnix proxy with oauth2-proxy setup that uses our google workspace as the auth provider. The setup works for a year now, I’ve thought it might be useful to share with the community. Here is the thread:

Would you mind adding that to the list?

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