Streamlit Deployment via AWS EC2 (Ubuntu) - HTTPS, server.sslCertFile & server.sslKeyFile

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I am in need of assistance on my Streamlit deployment. My streamlit app is deployed on a Ubuntu (Version 22.04.2 LTS) image. Python and Streamlit is installed and working perfectly by following this guide here.

However the main issue I am having is I need my public IPv4 address to utilize HTTPS (443). Reading through the documentation referenced here at this link. It appears based on the documentation the only thing I need to do is modify the global config file at ~/.streamlit/config.toml and configure the server.sslCertFile & server.sslKeyFile. However there are a few issues.

Following the guide here the global config file folder “.streamlit” was not created by default. So trying to modify the .streamlit/config.toml file is not possible. Secondly, where are the server.sslCertFile and server.sslKeyFile created? Where do these come from? These appears to be the only missing pieces of information I need in order to enable HTTPS support for my Streamlit application. Would like any input on this. Thank you!

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Hi @32ronin, welcome to the community! :wave: :balloon:

The global config file folder is not created automatically. It must be created manually by the developer.

As noted in the docs, the HTTPS support feature should be used for testing only and is not assumed to be secure for real/production use unless you know what you are doing.

Here’s a related Stack Overflow thread I’ve found:

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The .streamlit folder and the config file are not created automatically when deploying ubuntu into AWS EC2. Found that out the hard way after days of no reply on this thread and no mention in the documentation that these need to be created. I highly suggest the Dev team at Streamlit update their documentation to save us some headache. Anywho, still not much help.

I’ll pass that feedback on to the docs team to update Configuration - Streamlit Docs to say the folder and config file are not created automatically.

after days of no reply on this thread

Note: The Streamlit staff and community help out on the forum on a best-effort basis. There are hundreds of posts created daily and we regret not being able to get to yours sooner.

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Hi… How did you resolve this issue?
I need to deploy my app… So, I too want to upload my config.toml file to AWS… Please let me know how do I do that.