Streamlit doesn't support 600.000 registers of data to plot

Hi friends!

I need to make some bar plot about a dataset that have 600.000 register and only two columns, they just contain numbers. I try to make a plot on streamlit with the CSV proccesed, but the application site is too slow.

It is a lot of data to Streamlit?

Hi @Juan_Sebastian_Viasu,

Thanks for posting!

Is it 600k rows? I figured thatโ€™s what you meant? If yes, thatโ€™s a big chunk of data which can cause the lag. You can try aggregating the data or bin them into ranges and also use Streamlit caching.

You can share more info if this does not help in resolving the issue.

Hey @tonykip,

Thanks for your help. Yeah, that was the solution, when I load data into differents CSV, Streamlit works great!
Amazing platform!

Glad itโ€™s working! Happy Streamlit-ing! :balloon:

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