StreamLit Ensemble Learning

Hello every Body i wish that you doing good, i am new in streamlit, i discovered it just today, i love it it’s amazing, i have a project to give friday, it’s about give many models of sklearn to do the Stacking of sklearn library or PyStacknet, it’s all about make 2 layers (0 layer: for base model) and (1 layer : for the last model who will predict the best)…
Please if you know a way or if streamlit framework allows to do this (take 4 or 5 models) to make stacking tell me.
Thank you (y)

Hi @Mohamed_Oualla, welcome to the Streamlit community!

Model stacking isn’t a feature that Streamlit would “allow”, meaning, it’s a function of your machine learning library and/or what you can code in Python. These sorts of calculations can be thought of as separate than Streamlit, which provides a way of displaying the information from your models.

For your project, I’m sure that Streamlit can be used, but it’s sklearn or another library where you’ll handle the stacking portion.


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Hello @randyzwitch, thank you so much for reading my comments and replying,
I understand now, thank you for creating Streamlit, it’s very helpful.
Best regard.