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This is my first time using Streamlit. I just want to try deploying the example app right away.
I logged in to my Github account and forked the example app and try to open it but the app won’t load.
Soon, I saw the error. Updating the app files has failed: open /home/appuser/.ssh/id_github: no such file or directory

Not sure what was wrong as it was a straight forward fork and deployment.

Hey @limzhipei, thanks for posting!

The most likely cause is that there’s an issue with your GitHub SSH keys – if you unlink your GitHub account and then re-link it, that should resolve the problem.


Hi Caroline,

Thanks for your reply. I have disconnected and connect github and reboot the app.
But it’s still the same. I think I do not have any SSH keys in github. Do I need to create one manually and how do I do it?

Hi @limzhipei,

You don’t need to create one manually. If you go into your settings in GitHub and navigate to the Apps section, you should be able to revoke access for Streamlit – I’d recommend doing that and then re-connecting your GitHub account to Streamlit Community Cloud. That will reset your SSH keys if disconnecting and reconnecting has not.

If you’re still having issues after that, please shoot me an email at and we’ll get it figured out.


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