Streamlit for Clean Energy - Estimate bills for switching gas boiler to heat pump

hi Streamlit community,

Did you know that homes account for 20% of US global warming emissions? That’s even more than the emissions from cars! The primary culprit behind these emissions in homes is the burning of fossil fuels for heating. To combat climate change, it’s vital that over 80 million US homes transition from combustion-based heating to efficient electric heat pumps in the upcoming years.

However, there’s a common concern: transitioning to a heat pump might lead to higher monthly bills, depending on your local climate and utility plans. That’s where this app comes in! Use it to estimate your monthly electricity bill when you make the switch from a gas boiler to a heat pump. All you need to do is input your previous gas bill, and it’ll provide an estimated electricity bill for you.

Shout out to st.data_editor which make the input of monthly gas bills super convenient.

You can find the app at

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What a great application, I like it :+1:

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Couldn’t use the app, it doesn’t work anymore.

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