Streamlit frozen since 1.18.0

Everything is in the title.
Streamlit hello is frozen in browser (whatever browser)
I am using streamlit 1.18.0
(no issue with 1.17.0)
On debian
python 3.9.2

Any idea? or way to debug issue?

Hey @dnaura,

Thank you for sharing this question!

Can you elaborate a little more on the issue? What do you mean by โ€œfrozenโ€? A screen recording would be super helpful :pray:t3:

Hey @Caroline,

Here is a snapshot with โ€œstreamlit helloโ€



Thanks for sharing that screenshot! Does this happen with the most recent version of Streamlit (1.23.0)?

It happens for all versions since 1.18.0

Hey @dnaura,

Unfortunately, I wasnโ€™t able to reproduce the issue. This might be specific to your operating system.

This is what happens when I use streamlit hello with version 1.22.0:


Is this happening when you run other Streamlit apps, or just streamlit hello?

It happens for all apps. I took hello because it is code independant.

How are you installing Streamlit? (conda? pip?)
What are using for environment management?

Can you try creating a fresh environment and using pip install streamlit specifically? Iโ€™ve found pip to be more reliable than conda for correctly installing Streamlit.

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