Streamlit healthz manager error

I have deployed a prstreamlit app based on pytorch a couple of days ago and it was working perfectly. I recently added an option for the user to upload an image as I wanted the user to have the right to do so. But since I gave the feature I have been facing crashes. My app frequently crashes if multiple users are using it at a given point or if they upload an image. This was however not the case with the previous version without the uploader.

Here is the link to the streamlit app :
Here is the link to the github folder : GitHub - prateekagrawaliiit/Deep-Style: Deep style is a transfer learning based neural style transfer web application that stylizes your image to one of the 4 styles available (at the moment)..

I have read multiple postings on the community forum but I haven’t found a solution yet. I was wondering if you can help me. As far as I believe my app is taking very close to 800 mb which is available with 752mb being pytorch. With the other libraries I believe I am only left with a couple of mbs and thus when uploading an image my app crashes.

Hey @prateekagrawaliiit,

I have a feeling that you have already found the problem. If you are very close to the 800 mb of space then when the user uploads an image and the app tries to run (especially if there are multiple users) it is likely causing the crash.

I have sent your repo and app to the engineers just for confirmation. But In my experience, the Healthz error is usually due to hitting usage limits.


@Marisa_Smith thank you for your reply and time. Is there anyway I can increase my ram by say 50mbs. I personally feel I wont require more than that since the app is purely for educational purposes.