Streamlit Helm Chart for Kubernetes

Sometimes you just want a quick and dirty way to get a Streamlit app up and running on a Kubernetes cluster, without setting up a container registry, writing Dockerfiles, building container images, tagging, pushing, templating kubernetes manifests… and of course, debugging.

As a fun weekend project, I challenged myself to create a Helm chart that supports a simple k8s deployment workflow that avoids needing to worry about containerisation or any of the challenges that come with it.

A full deployment can be made with just two commands:

helm repo add samdobson

helm install my-streamlit-app samdobson/streamlit --set-file

More details here: helm/charts/streamlit at master · samdobson/helm · GitHub

Happy experimenting! And of course, when you’re ready to deploy to a platform that is secure, battle-tested and production-ready - go check out the fantastic Streamlit Cloud :slight_smile:

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